Want to know how to check if yourself or if your relationship is healthy?

If you struggle finding peace in your relationship, ask yourself these questions and see if there are more red than green answers. Red colored answers might be the sign that you're feeling insecure about something.

  • I'm constantly looking for evidence that my partner really loves me.
  • I'm constantly bothered by the thought that my partner doesn't really want to be with me.
  • I can't stop comparing my partner's intelligence level to that of other men/women.
  • I keep looking for evidence of my partner's occupational success.
  • I'm constantly bothered by thoughts regarding the flaws in my partner's physical appearance.
  • I constantly doubt my relationship
  • I check and recheck whether my relationship feels right.
  • I'm constantly examining my partner's morality level.
  • I continuously doubt my love for my partner.
  • I feel that I must remind myself over and over again why I love my partner.
  • I'm troubled by thoughts about my partner's social skills.
  • I'm bothered by doubts about my partner's emotional stability.

Information inspired by GG Apps, Relationship Doubt & Obsession.