“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Realtionship checkup

September 2021 - Don't hurt anybody

Want to know if what you are doing is right for your... relationship? If you're into one, or if you're interested in getting into one, please, feel free to follow some of the rules of what they call "healthy behaviors". Do you think you're healthy for your partner... or, is your partner healthy for you? These two parameters need to be honestly respected. Let's see if you want to be part "of us": Check yourself or your partner.

Delusions & Confusions

August 2020 - Inside the Head

Tired of reading plain flat stories? Here, not only you'll find it intuitive, but it's also a story about the dark part of our souls at a young age. We've all been there, somehow. I'll let you find these beautiful words here: Inside the Head.

The Uncomfortable

March 2019 - Deliberately inconvenient

Are you ready? I mean, you may not be, but you probably should, don't you think? Can I make you feel uncomfortable?

Scary Deep Learning

November 2018 - Happy Halloween!

I'm not going to tell you much on that twisted experience, because you should figure it out by yourself and try it now on Nightmare Machine.

Do you speak human?

September 2018 - The Future of Talking Machines

Because talking to a machine is no longer a science-fiction story, companies like IKEA want to understand what would be their clients' preferences concerning conversations with an artificial intelligence. Do you want to help and take the survey? Find it here => Do you speak human?

A Story about Trust

May 2018 - The Evolution of Trust

What if the idea of Trust was like a game? A transaction about loyal beliefs? Have you heard about Game Theory, by the way? Even if you know the concept, you shouldn't let an opportunity to play a simulation on what does it mean to be fooled... Interactive narrative delightfully made by Nicky Case on The Evolution on Trust.

New Narrative!

February 2018 - Little monkey is waiting for you

I just found a little monkey lost on an island, near the sunny sides of Interactive Narratives that I code. You should take a look, he seems friendly and apparently has a special request for you... Wanna know what it is?

'Their first users'

December 2017 - Getting inspired by others

Ever wondered how the biggest companies on the web started? Where their first users come from? Take a look at firstusers.io, they have pretty good data explained there.

Project 'Be Internet Awesome'

October 2017 - Maintain your weapons safe and ready

Ever wanted to be more aware about online safety? Getting more knowledge about bullying behaviors and how can risks could be avoided? BeInternetAwesome is an interactive web-game that can help you get there. And even earn a fancy certificate!

Virtual life

June 2017 - That dystopian augmented reality

Here is a short-film presenting the "dark side" of some technological innovation. Strange Beasts is not like any other pet, it's more an... economical way to break your feelings, almost...

Let's talk about Interactive Narratives

March 2017 - What if we could play a game together?

If you're on my website, let me introduce you to my special interest: Interactive Storytelling. I started to code few years ago, so I've made this website (fully coded by hand, that's the fun part!) in order to practice what I call playful experiences. Intrigued? Check this one!